Len De Groot
Data & Visual Journalism
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What I do

More than 20 years of experience in...

Visual Journalism

I build and manage teams of digital visual journalists, producing interactive, animated and virtual reality stories.

Data Visualization

We have a duty to report, share and contextualize data and the impacts on society. I visualize data to reveal and illustrate patterns that inform.


I have trained thousands of journalists, students and communications professionals in person and online, in universities and in newsrooms


Work I have produced, edited or art directed. = award winning

Virtual Reality Tour of Gale Crater

How the Gale Crater VR Tour Was Made

Evolution of the California Drought

Eating the Drought: The Water in a Meal

California Water District Report Cards

Water Main Leaks Near You

Rent or Own: Where Can You Afford to Live?

Opposing Views in Gardena Police Shooting

5,001 Los Angeles Killings in 120 Seconds

Where Are L.A. County’s Homeless?

Map Maker: An Open Source Tool for Newsrooms

Quiet LA: Open Source Map Tiles for Data

Inside the Fight: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

Injuries Make Laker's Lineup a Merry-go-round

The Girl Scout Cookies You're Not Getting

How Oscar Votes Are Counted

Where Are Syria’s Refugees Going?

How Much Can a Longshoreman Make?

Could You Live on L.A.'s New Minimum Wage?

The Evolving Elements of Pop Music

The How to Be a Writer Game

The Many Faces of Robin Williams

Chinese Zodiac Matchmaking Guide

Sandra Bland's Arrest Video: What It Shows

Death of the Salton Sea

Fly Over the Hollywood Fault Zone

Prop 47 is Part of Larger Push

Voting with Your Tweet Experiment

Signs of a Warmer Planet

Busiest Season on Record


Director of Data Visualization, Los Angeles Times

I currently lead award-winning data and visualization efforts with an emphasis on explanatory content. We produce innovative stories using code.

Data Visualization Instructor, KDMC Berkeley

In my previous position, I taught data and visualization courses at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley and continuing education courses with the Knight Digital Media Center.

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  (954) 557-3611        len at degroot dot biz